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biodiesel Heaters

                                  Frequently asked questions

Warren Electric Corporation manufactures a complete line of biodiesel heaters design specifically for biodiesel.

BIODIESEL HEATERS are available with or without thermostats.  Tthey can be manufactured with General Purpose or Weather-Resistant Terminal Enclosures.

BIODIESEL HEATERS can be designed as direct immersion heaters for insertion horizontally near the bottom of a biodiesel storage tank or vessel; for insertion from the top of the biodiesel storage tank or vessel through a man way with an over the side design (which is an “L” shaped heater), or for insertion into a “drywell” casing which heats the biodiesel via a heat transfer method and allows the heater to be removed and changed out without draining the tank.  

These tubular element heaters are available in steel, stainless steel or incoloy elements (depending on the grade of biodiesel you are using) which are brazed or welded (depending on the grade of biodiesel you are using) onto 2” ANSI to 24” ANSI flanges and are available with or without thermostats.  They can be made with General Purpose, Weather-Resistant or Explosion-Resistant Terminal Enclosures.  

Typical applications include BIODIESEL.


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