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Parts Cleaning Heaters

Warren Electric Corporation manufactures a complete line of Parts Cleaning Heaters used in the parts cleaning industry. They are used to heat water, or an aqueous based/chemical solution. The most common heaters used are the PROCESS WATER HEATER, SOLUTION WATER HEATER, AND CHEMICAL HEATER.

However, if space is confined to a small cabinet and for ease of installation and replacement , WEC recommends that you consider as an alternative to your Screw Plug design, our "AB" Family of Flanged Heaters.

Parts Cleaning Heaters

The WEC "A/B" and Compact "A/B" series of Flanged Immersion Heaters offers an alternative to Screw Plug Heaters. Consider the benefits of a convenient flanged design on your next screw plug heater application.

BR-415 Brochure

Request BR-415 BrochureThe BR-415 brochure features our compact flanged series with versatile tank adapters that make heater replacement a breeze. Request the BR-415 brochure from the WEC literature page.


Warren Electric Corporation offers UL Listed heaters for Aqueous Based Solutions! See WEC News