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Deionized Water Heaters

Deionized Water Heater

Warren Electric Corporation manufactures deionized water heaters that will heat deionized water for use in industries such as medical and pharmaceutical for such use as sterilization.

The chemical make up of deionized water is corrosive, therefore requiring the passivation of both the flange or screw plug and elements of our deionized water heaters. Passivation is a chemical bath that removes free iron from the surface of the elements and screw plug or flange. If further protection is needed, electropolishing is recommended.  Warren Electric offers deionized water heaters that are either passivated or electropolishing.

Watt density of a DEIONIZED WATER HEATER is 50-60 watts per square inch with direct immersion.

If space is limited, try considering an "AB" Flanged Deionized Water Heater instead of the standard Screw Plug Deoinized Water Heater.