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Circulation Heaters

Circulation Heaters

Warren Electric Corporation Circulation Heaters are designed and manufactured in a wide range of models, ratings, and watt densities for many applications. Circulation Heaters consist of either a flanged or screw plug heater which is mated to a casing with inlet, outlet, vent, & drain options to meet your specifications.

The packaged system with a Warren Electric Circulation Heater is designed to supply the right amount of energy to heat the process fluid to the desired temperature, for a given flow rate. Circulation heaters with brazed or welded construction, center core baffles for increased velocities available.

Circulation Heaters
Circulation Heater Specifications
  • Wattage:
0.5 to 800 kilowatts
  • Voltage:
Up to 600 volts, Single or 3 phase
ANSI up to 24 Inch & Custom Sizes
2" NPT, 2-1/2" NPT, 3" NPT
Up to 1500 PSIG
  • Vessel size:
Up to 24" Pipe
  • Flange Material:
Carbon Steel, Various Stainless Steels, Incoloy
  • Screw Plug Material:
Steel, Various Stainless Steels
  • Flange Material:
Carbon Steel, Various Stainless Steels, Incoloy
  • Immersed length:
Up to 160 inches
Refer to Heater Element Sheath Material Options

Circulation HeatersStandard Circulation Heaters are furnished with high temperature insulation and steel jackets. Circulation Heater models can be furnished without insulation and jackets for lower-temperature applications. (A cost savings to you.) Standard pressure vessels are up to 24" pipe and are Carbon Steel.

Circulation Heater with extended-head for high temperature applicationsWarren Electric Circulation Heaters have universal or custom mounting brackets available. These Circulation Heaters have inlets, outlets, drains, or extra openings in your choice of female coupling (standard), threaded male pipe stub, or flanged. Ciculation Heater overall and immersed lengths, and inlet and outlet dimensions, can be varied to suit your application.


  • Element Supports and Baffles

Additional Features/Options of Circulation Heaters

  • Circulation Heater Support options

Our Applications Engineers and Technical Sales people are available to assist you on your next Circulation Heater application. Please call our toll free "Heat Source" Hotline 1-877-399-HEAT (4328) or contact us.

Circulation Heater assemblyCasings can be assembled and constructed in assemblies. Design variations are limitless. Circulation Heater assemblyASME Code Certification and National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessels Registrations available.

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