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Over-the-Side Heaters


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Frequenly Asked Questions on Over-the-side Heaters:


What Applications use Over-the-Side Heaters?
What are Over-the-Side Heaters?
How Do You Size Over-the-Side Heaters?
Who Uses Over-the-Side Heaters?
How Long is Delivery for an Over-the-Side Heaters?
How are Over-the-Side Heaters Installed?
What is the Quality Policy and Warranty on Over-the-Side Heaters?
Are there any special certifications available for Over-the-Side Heaters?
How do you clean an Over-the-Side Heater?


What applications use OVER-THE-SIDE HEATERS?
Applications include:Over-the-Side Heater

• Biodiesel
• Water
• Oil
• Recycling
• And more...

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OVER-THE-SIDE HEATERS are “L” shaped heaters that are inserted through an opening in the top of tanks where horizontal insertion and mounting near the bottom of a tank is not feasible or where draining a tank to change out a heater is not cost efficient. In Wattages from 3 KW to 100 KW; Voltages up to 600 Volts; riser heights of up to 138”; pressure ratings of up to 1500 PSIG; and immersed lengths of up to 144”; these heaters can be made with copper, steel, stainless steel or incoloy elements, with or without a thermostat. Weather-resistant terminal enclosures are available to protect your heater from the environment.

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How do you size OVER-THE-SIDE HEATERS?

OVER-THE-SIDE HEATERS are sized by using the following information:
• Dimensions of the tank
• Is the tank insulated? (If so, type and thickness of insulation)
• Ambient temperature (worst case).
• Final temperature desired.
• Time requirement to heat up (if applicable)
• Medium being heated, all specifications including corrosiveness, heat density.
• Watt Density Allowed.
• Sheath Material required.
• Flange Material required.
• Environmental Operating Conditions for Terminal Enclosure determination.
• Maximum length and/or size
• Available operating Voltage & Phase
• Desired temperature controls (available with or without thermostat, thermocouple, or over-temperature cut out devices)

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OVER-THE-SIDE HEATERS are used by the following industries:
• Biodiesel
• Fire Prevention
• Petroleum
• Recycling
• And others…

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How long is delivery for OVER-THE-SIDE HEATERS?

OVER-THE-SIDE HEATERS can usually be shipped in three weeks if parts are in stock. If parts are not in stock, it can take up to six weeks to ship.

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How are OVER-THE-SIDE HEATERS installed?

OVER-THE-SIDE HEATERS are installed from the top of you tank so that the heated portion of the heater (the bottom of the “L” shape) is placed horizontally near the bottom of the tank. The heated portion of the heater elements must remain completely immersed and completely flooded whenever energized or the heater may overheat, damaging the elements, tank or fluid being heater and/or create a possible safety hazard due to high sheath temperature. (See INSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS.)

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What is the Quality Policy and Warranty on OVER-THE-SIDE HEATERS?

Warren Electric Corporation Over-the-Side Heaters must pass vigorous inspections prior to shipment. Each individual heating element is checked for electrical leakage and breakdown at high voltage before assembly. All heaters are 100% hydrostatically pressure tested to insure braze or wells attaching the element to the flange is free of all leaks. We also electrically test 100% of heaters to ensure they meet the wattage/voltage specifications of the order. 100% of our heaters are also subject to testing for moisture content and hipot testing. Every heater that Warren Electric Corporation has ever manufactured is identified with a serial number prior to shipment. These serial numbers are kept on file indefinitely and can be used to identify back to the original inspection sheet and purchase order. Warranty is 15 months from the date of shipment provided heater failure is not caused by operator error.

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Are there any special certifications available for OVER-THE-SIDE HEATERS?

There are third party certifications and inspections available for flanged heaters including UL.

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How do you clean OVER-THE-SIDE HEATERS?

Instructions to clean a flanged heater will vary depending on the fluid being heated. Lime scale is the primary problem for water applications. If the heater is being used to heat clean water, you may notice a lime scale build up on the elements which can be removed by soaking the heater elements only in CLR (using as directed) and gently using a wire brush to remove heavier deposits if necessary. Coking is the primary problem for oil applications. If you are heating oil and notice a build up of oil (called coking) burned onto the elements, the heater elements only can be soaked in kerosene to break down the coke and a wire brush can be used to remove the excess build up if necessary.

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