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Over-the-Side Heaters information

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                                        Frequently Asked Questions about Over-the-Side Heaters 

Information on Over-the-side Heaters:

  Over-the-Side Heater

OVER-THE-SIDE HEATERS are “L” shaped heaters that are inserted through an opening in the top of a tank or drum and mounted with a flange where thru-the-side immersion heaters cannot be conveniently installed.

The top and side of the “L” on the over-the-side heater contains the electrical connections and the bottom of the “L” is the actual heater, which still sits horizontally near the bottom of the tank.

The mounting flange of the over-the-side heater can be attached to a man way cover or another opening in the top of the tank.

These over-the-side heaters are not designed to hang freely from the side of a tank like other types of over the side heaters.

Over-the-Side Heaters can be custom designed to heat a wide variety of applications as they permit portability and can be installed and removed with out draining the tank or drum.

Thermostats are available and can be installed in the General Purpose, Weather-Resistant Terminal Enclosures.



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