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Warren Electric Corporation manufactures heaters with features and options to meet your particular application. The features and options available include:

Temperature Controls


Thermostats Our Standard Temperature Ranges:
  • 0 - 100 F
  • 60 - 250 F
  • 175 - 550 F

Other temperature ranges also available.  


Thermocouples A built in thermocouple such as Type J or K can be provided for sensing temperature for the process controller, which prevents liquid or gas overheating or to prevent element overheating and burnout due to low liquid level, inadequate flow, sludge buildup, etc.

When ordering, please specify Type.


Power Distribution Blocks & Multiple Circuits:

Local codes, good engineering practices, and contactor sizes, make it desirable to limit line current to 50 amps per circuit. When total line current exceeds 50 amps, heaters are normally manufactured with multiple circuits. Power distribution blocks are available to join multiple circuits together to reduce the number of wires running from the power source to the heater to simplify the wiring to a manageable amount of wires.

Download the Warren Electric "Quick Quote" or request a quote online for assistance on your electric heater application!


Warren Electric Corporation is a registered ISO 9001 Company. Along with this achievement, WEC has been accredited with the ASME "U" and "UM Stamps for construction of Pressure Vessels with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessels "R" Stamps.

Many of our heaters are UL Listing and all are tested to meet the requirements of the National Electric Code. WEC can also meet your export needs with "CE" conformance.

Please feel free to refer to the WEC certifications page for a list of certifications and WEC links page for more information on these outstanding organizations.


Flange Choices

Flange options are available including size, pressure rating and material. ANSI flange sizes up to 24 inches along with custom round and rectangular sizes are available to suit your application. Pressure ratings up to 1500 PSIG and materials including carbon steel, various stainless steels and incoloy can be utilized to customize your application.

Screw Plug Choices

Screw plug options are available including size, pressure rating and screw plug materials. Screw plug sizes available are 1" to 3" NPT with pressure rating up to 300 PSIG. Material options include carbon steel, various stainless steels, brass and bronze.

Casings & Assemblies

Insulated and non-insulated casings & assemblies are available to your exact requirements. They are manufactured with options of your choice and may be assembled with your electric immersion heater.

Element Sheath Materials

Warren Electric Corporation manufactures heaters with various options including element sheath materials. When selecting a element sheath material consideration should be given to compatibility with the heated medium and temperature.

Standard element sheaths available are steel, stainless steel, copper, and incoloy.

Electropolishing & Passivation

Electroplating and passivation are available on flanged, screw plug and circulation heaters with alloy heating elements.

Passivation and electropolishing remove contaminants from the "wetted" portion of the heater, which comes in contact with the solution being heated. Electropolishing also increases corrosion resistance in some applications.

Customers with deionized water applications or applications which have corrosion problems may benefit from passivation and electropolishing.


Element Supports & Baffles

WEC offers baffles to increase velocities and to allow for better heat transfer from the elements to the heated medium. Element bundle supports are available to allow less flexibility and center alignment for the elements inside the casing.

As each application varies, our Technical Engineers will be glad to make recommendation as needed.


It is very important when choosing a gasket for your application that it meet all the criteria. The gasket should have the capability to handle the expected temperaturesand pressures, hold up to the chemical being heated and be able to get adequate compression to seal your heater. It is also very important to know the required torque and bolting sequence when tightening down the flanges. WEC Applications Engineers will gladly assist you in determining your requirement. Gaskets are available to meet your individual requirement.

Removable Elements

Removable element construction is available on Flanged Immersion or Circulation Heaters. This allows each "hairpin" element of the heater to be replaced individually. (Not suitable for temperatures over 400 F).

This design is particularly attractive in situations where "downtime" must be avoided and replacement heaters are not readily available. Heater repairs can usually be made on the job site with a few, inexpensive spare elements on hand.

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