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Fuel Oil Heaters (Preheaters)

Standard Features:

Fuel Oil Heater (Preheater) in a Casing

Warren Electric Corporation's Electric Fuel Oil Heaters (preheaters) are used to heat fuel oil to a desired temperature before combusted in a boiler. They are called preheaters because they are used to preheat the oil.  Maintaining oil temperature is necessary to ensure that complete combustion occurs under optimal conditions, thereby reducing pollutants and increasing efficiency.

Our electric fuel oil heaters (preheaters) can be provided in a flange or screw plug design. Thermostats are provided with or without interlocks. Our fuel oil heaters use interlocks to prevent the oil pump from pumping cold, thick oil into the furnace until the oil has been preheated to the required temperature.

UL Listed Warren Electric Fuel Oil Heater
Most fuel

oil heater models

are UL listed!

Fuel Oil Heater Specifications

  • Wattage:
1 to 100 kilowatts
  • Voltage:
Up to 600 volts, Single or 3 phase
3" ANSI, 6" ANSI, 4-1/2" Dia.
2" NPT
Up to 300 PSIG
  • Flange Material:
Carbon Steel, Cast Iron
  • Screw Plug Material:
Steel, Various Stainless Steels
  • Immersed length:
Up to 130 inches
  • Sheath Material:
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Fuel Oil Heater Features/Options

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