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WEC's Process Heating Magazine Mfg. Spotlight

WEC Exceeds Quality Requirements for Electric Immersion Heaters and Casings


Warren Electric Corp., an ISO 9001 Registered Company, manufactures a complete line of standard and custom Industrial Electric Flanged and Screw Plug Immersion Heaters along with Casings and Assemblies.  WEC has the expertise and experience to design heaters and casings for your specific requirements.

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When you choose Warren Electric Corp. products, you are assured of verifiable quality compliance.

Depending on the equipment and the final use of these products, it is important to consider the mandated Standards, Codes, and Requirements of the application as well as the supplier’s quality reputation.
        Purchasers should consider the following items, which are governed by outside sources, to ensure “verifiable” accreditation and quality:

  • ISO 9001: WEC is ISO registered by an ANSI-RAB accredited registration firm.
  • UL: WEC ensures that heaters meet the rigorous electrical and mechanical requirements of UL 499 Standards for Electrical Heating Appliances.
  • ASME: WEC is certified to manufacture pressure equipment, stamped “U” or “UM”, in house to ASME Section VIII Div 1 Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels; certified by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

We can also provide “CE” conformance for all your export needs.

Warren Electric

For your next electric heater application, please call the WEC Toll Free “Heat Source Hot Line”:
1-877-399-HEAT (4328)
or fax 401-245-9331.

*Featured in Process Heating Magazine


WEC's Toll Free Telephone Number


Warren Electric Corporation is pleased to announce we now have a toll free number for our prospects and customers assistance.  The toll free number is 1-877-399-HEAT (4328).

Look to WEC, for energy efficient, durable, and dependable industrial electric heaters.  WEC manufactures thousands of standard heaters and countless custom designs utilizing standard components.  WEC’s Application Engineers and Technical Support staff are available to discuss your heating requirements.

Please feel free to call the:

Toll Free “Heat Source” Hot Line at
1-877-399-HEAT (4328)

WEC is now an Accredited ASME Manufacturer


Warren Electric Corporation has been accredited with the ASME “U” and “UM” Stamps for construction of Pressure Vessels and with The National Board of Boiler Pressure Vessels “R” stamp to register vessels under Warren Electric Corporation.

WEC will manufacture your casing and assembly to your exact specification and it may be assembled with your electric immersion heaters.  Our design team is available for consultation and will gladly make necessary recommendations regarding options for your heating and casing requirements.

As of an ASME certified manufacturer, WEC is also able to obtain CRN (Canadian Registration Numbers) in the Provinces and Territories of Canada to meet pressure vessel requirements.

WEC Achieves ISO 9001 Registration


As of September 1999, Warren Electric Corporation became an ISO 9001 Registered Company.

We are very proud of our whole organization and their cooperative effort to accomplish this approval. More importantly, this is a demonstration of our entire company’s commitment to provide our customers with the finest products and service.

For over thirty-five years, Warren Electric Corporation has endeavored to produce the finest electric process heaters and support equipment in the industry. It is our sincere hope that by implanting the above, we will be the source you turn to for quality electric process heaters.

WEC Offers UL Listed Heaters for Aqueous Based Solutions


Warren Electric Corporation now offers heaters for water based solutions that are listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc.  This UL listing ensures that each heater meets the rigorous electrical and mechanical requirements as defined by UL 499 Standard for Electric Heating Appliances.
       Applications for aqueous immersion heaters include, but are not limited to, heating glycol solutions used as heat exchange mediums, salt water for large aquariums, and


aqueous solutions used in industrial processes.
       Warren Electric’s UL Listed heaters have heavy-duty general purpose enclosures and are equipped with either a thermocouple or thermostat.  UL listed heaters can be rated up to 480 volts with operating temperatures of up to 250°F.
       In addition to providing UL Listing for aqueous heaters, Warren Electric can supply pressure vessels with ASME Certification and National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessels Registration. We can also provide “CE” conformance for all of your export needs.
When you choose Warren Electric aqueous immersion heaters, you know that they have been built, inspected, and tested to UL standards.

Warren Electric Corp.
P.O. Box 86
Warren, RI 02885-0086
(401) 245-3700
Fax: (401) 245-9331

*Featured in Process Heating Magazine


WEC's Innovative Alternative to Screw Plug Heaters: "AB" Family of Flanged Immersion Heaters


In a few easy steps, Warren Electric Corporation’s “AB” adapter converts your screw plug heater application into a flanged heater application.  A screw plug heater is often difficult to replace because you have to use a large wrench where, often times, pipes and fixtures get in the way.
        This makes changing a screw plug heater frustrating, time consuming, and


sometimes impossible!  The solution is to switch to a flanged heater by using WEC’s “AB” series of flanged heaters and adapters.
        Future replacement of the flanged heater can be done in a jiffy using a 7/16” socket and a lot less effort.
Here’s How It’s Done
        Our fixed threaded-type adapter has a flange at one end and is threaded at the other.  Just remove the existing screw plug heater, screw in the adapter, insert the “AB” flanged heater, then simply tighten the bolts

with a ratchet or box wrench.  For new tank designs, use our square cut tank adapter  It welds directly to a tank and accommodates either our “AB” or ANSI flanged heaters.  It also has the swiveling option that rotates a full 360° allowing you to position the conduit opening to wherever you need it.
        We also devised other clever adapters that make flanged mounting an excellent alternative to screw plug process heaters.

*Featured in Process Heating Magazine