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Lube Oil Heaters

Lube Oil HeatersWarren Electric Corporation manufactures a complete line of heaters designed specifically for lube oil. LUBE OIL HEATERS are ideal for heating oils used in gear boxes and machine lubrication applications. Lube Heaters are designed with watt densities of 23 watts per square inch for SAE 10-30 oil and 13 watts per square inch for SAE 40-50 oil to allow direct immersion into the storage vessel. They are used to maintain a desired temperature within lubrication oil reservoirs.

Typical applications include compressors, turbines, and lubrication of gears, bearings, and machinery. There are many other applications for our lube oil heaters. Please contact our Applications Engineers who will gladly assist you in determining your heating application solution.

HL-100 Catalog

Request HL-100 CatalogThe most comprehensive catalog of hydraulic & lube oil heaters in the industry features standard designs in 2", 2-1/2", and 3" screw plugs and our "AB" series of compact flanged heaters from .5 kW to 12 kW. Request the HL-100 catalog on the WEC literature page.

Download the Warren Electric "Quick Quote" or request a quote online for assistance on your electric heater application!