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Gordon L. Benjamin Jr., Founder of Warren Electric Corp.Gordon L. Benjamin Jr. founded Warren Electric Corporation in 1962. He was the President of the company and had a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering. He had many years of experience in the manufacture and sale of electric heaters.

Warren Electric CorporationWarren Electric Corporation's initial manufacturing facility consisted of 1000 square feet and two employees. The first manufactured products were fuel oil immersion heaters. During the company's early years, Gordon made a commitment to an ongoing program for the research and development of new and improved heaters, in order to satisfy the diversified market area in which various types of heaters are used.

Today we manufacture many different types of heaters with hundreds of design variations. Some of our products were original developments in the industry. Many of our heaters are UL listed. All are tested in accordance with UL procedures prior to shipment.

Our office, engineering, sales, and manufacturing departments are currently in a 36,000 square foot building. Our products are sold nationally and internationally.

WEC is an ISO 9001 Registered Company and has been accredited with the ASME "U" and "UM" Stamps for construction of Pressure Vessels, the "R" Stamp for the repair and alteration of pressure vessels, and to register vessels under Warren Electric Corporation.

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